Month: March 2021

BC has Survival rate of 99.97%.

Did You Know Six People/Corps Control Over 90% of The Media You See?

Asymptomatic Transfer: The Science

The Real Nuts and Bolts of Virus Variants

Lawyers Who Took down VW With $2.8 Billion Fine, Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Conspiracy

European Union Parliamentary Assembly Passing Laws To Make Sure Vaccine Is Not Mandatory

Can Covid Be Classified As A Pandemic?

No Extra Deaths in 2020, Stats Canada

Teresa Tam Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ and ‘Detention Centers’

What Is Classified A Covid-19 Death? UPDATED: March 2021

March 2021 – CDC Release New Mask Report, Finds Masks Do Not Stop Spread of Virus

AJM Flips on Hydroxychloroquine

Summary Of Mask Science

Lockdown Promoter & Toronto’s Medical Officer’s Husband has “financial ties” to AstraZeneca & Pfizer

Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Iceland, Indonesia, Venezuela and Thailand suspend use of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine over reports of Severe Blood Clots

How is Wide open Florida And Texas doing? 2021 UPDATE!

Results of Germany-wide Research On Masks On Children

Stay-at-home Order DOES NOT Give Police Power to Enter Homes, Pull Over Drivers or Stop Pedestrians

Crown Continues To Drop Unconstitutional Covid Tickets Before Court

Canada’s Doctors Give Direction, Advice & Data

Are Travelers a Source for Covid? Latest Data

Are Face Masks Effective? The Latest Evidence.

Summary of Death Data

America’s Frontline Doctors Talk Treatments, Vaccine & Risks

CDC Issues Zombie Preparedness Plan (No we Are Not Joking)

See How Germs Spread (Coronavirus)

Hows your mask? Virus Survives on Fabric For 3 Days

Bonnie Henry Has a Problem With Lying (Video)

CDC Hospital Capacity & Mask Update

Johns Hopkins University: Data Manipulation Created Virus Death Inflation

55,000 Medical Scientists Call For Stopping Lockdowns As They Do Not Stop Virus Spread & Only Cause Massive Harm

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: Masks Do Not Prevent Virus Respiratory Illness

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