Month: February 2022

Non-covid Deaths Up 40% in people 18-64 CEO OneAmerica Life Insurance Reports

Researchers Afraid To Publish Vaccine Heart Inflammation Study & Lose Funding

Wall Street Smells A Rat In The Vaccine Data, Says Analyst Who Called Crash of Moderna

BREAKING NEWS: CDC is refusing to publish data on booster effectiveness. {spoiler alert} What this means is “The data shows they are lying”.

1.3% Of Those That Got Vaccine Side Effects DIED – peer-reviewed CDC study

Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports. Who Is Profiting?

Covid deaths in Israel have hit an all-time daily high Even though being one of the most vaccinated countries

UPDATED: Leaked Document From Government on Oct. 10, 2020 Called Fake – Predicted Pandemic Response up until 2022

UPDATES On Trudeau Enacting Tyrannical Martial Law In Canada

Trust The Science Means Trust The Data.  Del Bigtree examines the Data in 2 minutes. (video)

FDA Hearing: “Heart Attacks From Pfizer Are 71 Times Higher Than Any Other Vaccine” (video)

Japan, Brazil and India Research Proves Ivermectin An Effective ‘Antiviral’ Against Covid-19

Alberta Mistakenly Published Vaccine Data Showing Huge Spikes within 14 Days of Vaccination and Counting Vaccinated As Unvaccinated, then deleted it, but we have it.

Bonnie Henry, BC´s Most Prolific Abuser, Profiteer and Future Nuremberg Trial Defendant

The Real Life Story Of Justin Trudeau, Margaret Trudeau and His Real Father Fidel Castro.

Government Data Shows Covid-19 Vaccines have a negative effectiveness of MINUS 425% in Canada

Three Minutes To Expose Trudeaus Corruption and Profiteering of Covid (video)

COVID lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rate, head of Johns Hopkins Institute

No Increases In Hospitalizations in 2020 or 2021, Freedom Of Information Request Proves Flatten The Curve Was A lie

60% Of Hospitalization Numbers Were FALSE, Admits Chief Medical Officer, They Lied

OPINION ARTICLE: Official Canada data suggests Some Vaccinated slowly developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

RCMP Corporal Bulford, Exposes Trudeaus Elicit Violations Of the Canadian Charter Of Rights

Senate Hearings Investigate Cover-up Of Death And Damage From COVID Vaccines

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