How The Most Vaxxed Countries Are Doing?

Let’s compare same time period in 2020 with no vax, with the same time period in 2021 with vax. This will give us a good idea on how well the vax program is working.

UPDATED: September 24, 2021 – The chart below says it all, no need for explanation.

Published September 11, 2021

United Kingdom 80% has had 2 doses. 90% of population aged 16+ vaccinated (first dose) reported on 8 September 2021

Iceland 90% vaxed not doing well compared to same period last with no vaxx. Worst outbreak yet.

Norway – 90% 1 jab & 80% 2 jabs. Worst outbreak yet.

Israel has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. Among adults, about 85% have been vaccinated. More deaths.

Most vaxed country in Europe, SPAIN not doing well compared to same period last with no vaxx.


The Francis Crick Institute (FCI), the single biggest biomedical research facility in Europe. FCI has 1900 researchers and support staff and this is their latest findings.

The Francis Crick Institute – Cov!d Research Finds Vaxxed Have 5 To 6 Times Less Neutralizing Antibodies, watch VIDEO.

Research showing corona virus vaccines can actually do more harm is nothing new.

It is possible that influenza vaccines alter our immune systems non-specifically to increase susceptibility to other infections; this has been observed with DTP and other vaccines.

The below CTV News article from 2010 is more relevant now than ever.

Check this out: “Studies that suggested getting a previous seasonal flu shot doubled a person’s risk of catching pandemic H1N1 last spring has finally been published.” Looks like today’s conspiracy theory was yesterday’s news headlines. “Canadians who got flu shots for the 2008-09 winter were somewhere between 1.4 and 2.5 times more likely to catch the pandemic virus.”

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