Trudeau has been covering up Biolab treasonous acts between traitors and Chinese officials

The “Today Show” and the “Experts” are mystified about why very young people are having heart attacks

Jan 6th – More Lies Exposed

Fauci Grilled and Exposed as a liar and fraud in live house Investigation

Breaking News: Canadian Intelligence finds Traitors in Parliament Working For Our Enemies

US Congressman finds Facebooks vaccine “Fact” is funded by big pharma

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Acknowledges Plaintiffs’ Claim that COVID-19 mRNA Jab is NOT a Vaccine

Globalists & WEF pushing C40 Cities, Calling For Radical Changes To Your freedom… but not theirs.

A quick recap of the past four years and the damage the Elites have inflicted on us

Hunter Biden Laptop: Here are all the facts

Breaking: Ohio State University Peer Reviewed Study shows Vaccinated patients Died At Twice The Rate Of Unvaccinated

British Medical Journal Study Links 3 Million Excess Deaths to Covid Vaccines and Mandates – The Telegraph Makes it Front Page News

Worldwide Excess deaths Continue to skyrocket since vaccine rollout – Government data (Updated June 2024)

Three years too late… the covid Vaccine narrative completely crumbles (Updated)

Former Vaccine promoting Doctors are waking up

All US Presidents are related to European Royalty Except One

Phase III Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study on AstraZeneca Vaccine confirms total vaccine failure and Harm

Philippines Congress hold Covid Vaccine Injury Inquiry – Deaths spike and births fall drastically

It’s Confirmed… again, Pfizer and Moderna vaccine is causing cancer with DNA contamination

Former Climate Change Expert Exposes That it is all motivated by funding

Fauci Emails Released Show he Lied, Manipulated and funded the Wuhan Lab Research Where Outbreak Originated (Updated 2024)

UPDATED!! The Origins Of Covid Laid Out. Spoiler alert it was FAUCI

Covid Propaganda was the biggest Psyop in history, 5th Generation Warfare

Who is George Soros and What is He up to? (Updated May 2024)

The elites have a depopulation plan that is in full effect

The constant battle between Freedom and Tyranny. we Must Always Stand Guard (Updated 2024

What happened to all the promises about blazing 5G speeds?

They are ready to start up the Vaccine cash machine for bird flu

Who is behind the World Health Organization And What Are their Motives? (Updated May 2024)

Millions of illegal immigrants already crossed over the Southern border. What is happening & Can they vote? (Updated May 2024)

Did the NSA create Bitcoin?

Pablo Escobar Jr. Talks about the state of the USA

Are Dominion voting machines Secure?

Vaccine never provided any immunity and it is right in the Pfizer documents and new research

The Dark Side of the Vaccine Business (Updated 2024)

What’s happening with Trumps Trials?

US Government manipulating the Inflation numbers

Was Lyme disease made by the military?

Ai and Robotics will take 40% of jobs by 2035. WEF Elites say you will become the “Useless Class” (Updated 2024)

Canada’s Biggest Fake News Story in History Exposed all as a lie

The 2030 Agenda Explained (video)

Self-Replicating Nanobots In Humans. What!?

Another day another 8 BILLION DOLLAR Trudeau SCAM

AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine worldwide after admitting it can cause Fatal blood clots

Propaganda and lies against Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine Have now been exposed and it is shocking (Updated 2024)

Even Covid fanatics like CNN’s Cuomo are now exposing the vaccine nightmares unleashed on the world

Never forget the two years when the Flu completely disappeared for first time in history

Conspiracy Theories: Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t kill himself and he is Alive. Let’s examine them

How is Canada Doing Under Trudeau? Lets Look at the Statistics. Oh Boy…

Old News Clip Of CBS Reporting on Medical System Corrupted by Big Pharma, before they bought the media

Who do you trust more… The Science or the Money? The same people creating vaccine mandates made over 400 million on their mandates.

Trudeau government paid surveillance company to spy on Canadians

Leading Oncologist Demands FDA Recall of Covid Jabs Due to Increasing Rate of Cancer Among Vaccinated

Antarctica, the Only Continent It Is Illegal to fly over and to explore

Co-Founder Of WEF Son Calls for Arrest of WEF Officials and latest Shocking numbers on Vaccine injuries

Trudeaus Relentless Actions to Sabotage Canada, Stakeholder Capitalism And WEF pushing global Carbon Tax

Chinese Communist Survivor Goes Viral With Communist Socialism Facts

1982 Climate Emergency Report by CBS news and Their Experts Say Florida Will Be Underwater

Is the government using toxic chemicals to modify the weather?

“The Stepping Stone To Communism is Socialism” Vladimir Lenin

Renowned Japanese Doctor Releases 8 minute video exposing the Covid Vaccine atrocities

Duram Report finds That FBI & DOJ was weaponized for political gain, This is dangerous territory for democracy (Updated 2024)

What Is Bill Gates and his Foundation Up To Now

Trudeau’s New Legislation Enables the Military To Turn On Canadians. It’s Getting Really Crazy Now

Who are the Rothschilds?

The West Has a Fake Food Problem

“Climate The Movie” – Watch it here for free. Once you see it, You Will Never Think The Same

Who Gets Cancelled says everything about who actually runs the world

The State Of Our food industry needs to be exposed

Marxism explained and how it is happening right in our faces

White House Coronavirus Taskforce Doctor Talks About Covid Lies

The Louisiana Senate adopts a bill prohibiting the UN, WHO, and WEF from having any state oversight

Why Are Farmers All Over The World Under Attack By Governments?

So What’s Behind the Government Banning Tik Tok? (updated)

Government Censorship is a Disease Rapidly Spreading To Democratic countries. The end of free speech is the end of democracy (Updated April 2024)

FDA Caught lying by Federal Court about Ivermectin safety and Use (Updated 2024)

RCMP Attempt To Investigate Trudeau in Criminal Obstruction Case, Gets Blocked By Corrupt Liberals & NDP

Government Digital ID’s are they really just for your convenience and safety?

History has proven Printing money has massive and very real catastrophic results. This is what is coming…

The War On Cash is Here, Govt Digital Currency (CBDC) will be The Ultimate Control Mechanism (Updated 2024)

Insiders expose government control of CBC & The organization is crumbling (Updated 2024)

How foreigners Look At Trudeaus Canada

Trudeau Gave the World Economic Forum Millions of Tax Dollars to Write A Report to push Carbon Taxes in Canada

Blackrock owns everything but who owns Blackrock?

1100% increase in U.S. military deaths (Updated 2024)

Is Meat Really Unhealthy?

What are those spherical UFOs we keep seeing? Well it’s not aliens that’s for sure

Does The Vegan lifestyle save more animals?

The Sun, the star that keeps the earth warm but climate change promoters always ignore

Secret recording caught Trudeau telling Public Safety Minister to ignore new changes preventing abusive and illegal use of Emergencies Act

Study shows Electric cars release MORE toxic emissions than gas-powered vehicles

Is Meat really bad for the planet? Here are the science, data and facts.

Canada’s Censorship Bill C-63 – Welcome to the plot of Minority Report

There is a repeating cycle of events for every empire in history, we are no different

Those soggy paper straws and Reusable Grocery Bags you hate are Toxic and worse than the plastic ones we used before (Updated 2024)

The Facts Behind BLM and George Floyd Movement (Updated 2024)

Dr. Phil Talks about Covid Insanity, over reaching mandates, illegal immigration and more

The Ten Lies Of Covid-19 Debunked With Science & Data (Updated 2024)

UK Government Announces That Masks Had Zero Effectiveness – Confirming all mask science for past 80 years… That They Chose To Ignore

Japanese researchers have linked 201 different types of diseases to the side effects of COVID vaccines.

The Recycling Industry Exposed in undercover Investigation (updated 2024)

50% of inflation forced on us is from mega corporations simply demanding higher profits.

Credible Sources say The Elites will fake an alien invasion to solidify global power, What do you think?

California Cloud seeding program is followed up by a major rain storm.

Mainstream media is failing because no one trusts them anymore. What happened?

Remember when “One death was too many”? Well now globally more people than ever are dying but no one is talking about it… Weird right?

Climate Change & The Ocean Is Rising Promoters Sure Love Multi-million Dollar Waterfront Properties, Superyachts and Private Jets

Trudeau Spends $200 billion on ‘climate action’ — What Action?

Doctor Drew Says the Covid insanity has opened his eyes to how corrupt our Medical system and regulators are

The actions of a Sociopath, Trudeau Uses Children to keep up the lies

Why is the Ukraine War Happening?

What causes forest fires…Climate change, humans or lighting? (Updated 2024)

Arctic Sea Ice Soars to Highest Level in 21 Years

Trudeau used fake data to lock down Canada

“Informed Consent” was an issue for the Covid Profiteers so they have simply removed it

The Elites Have Launched a Full Scale Attack on Farmers, the Ones That Grow our Food

WEF Says your coffee is killing the planet… what?

Federal Court finds Emergencies Act for ‘Freedom Convoy’ violated Charter and was illegal

They are taking away your clean natural gas and Carbon taxing you to death, meanwhile the world is building coal plants at mass scale

World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab Have a Plan and It’s Evil

The Global Elites Agenda Of The World Economic Forum and The Great Reset Explained.

CDC Faked 99% of Reported ‘Covid Deaths’ by mislabeling cancer and heart disease deaths

Who is funding “Just Stop Oil” eco-terrorist Group?

Are cows really hurting the planet?

New Research Report: COVID-19 vaccine caused an estimated 17 million deaths (Updated 2024)

Climate Change Agenda is Only about money and control

What you need to know about Vegetable Oil and Seed Oils, your health depends on it

11,000 New Zealand politicians, doctors, elites got COVID vaccine exemptions including tens of thousands more in US, Canada, UK.

Freedom of Information Request finds 2,100 Pages of Covid vaccine deaths in Canada, Govt Data

Pfizer & FDA knew Vaccine was causing stillbirth, 54% of Pregnant Women Experienced Adverse Events, 3 Days later they recommended it to pregnant woman

NEW REPORT: The Canadian Government and Media Worked Together to “Instill Fear” and Force Vaccines on the Public

Climate Change Science Is Settled…. Oh wait…. Peer reviewed research says otherwise

Fauci-Run Montana Lab In Experimented With Coronavirus From Wuhan One Year Before Pandemic

UK Covid inquiry: Read the private WhatsApp messages from Boris Jonson. They knew it was all a lie

Some facts about health and food you were told that are 100% false propaganda

Germany, World leader in Green Energy initiatives and investments. How is it going?

Study Data Showed Vaccinated Kids Shed COVID Up to 3 Times Longer Than Unvaxed

New Documentary proves the Nightmare consequences of Wind Energy on the whale population.

New Research shows true cost of Electric Vehicles $17.33 per gallon, or CAD $6.32 per litre

Health Canada Confirms Undisclosed DNA Plasmid Contamination of COVID Vaccines – SV40

A Quick Overview of Climate Change talking Points and how Absurd they are

Dr. Bonnie Henry – November judicial review to produce scientific evidence for Illegal Mandates

Dr. Drew Reports 7 Year Old Has Cardiac Arrest then Dies 8 days later after Pfizer Vaccine

The last 50 Apocalyptic Predictions – The ‘Experts’ & Government Have Been wrong 100% of the time.

NASA Commissioned a Study on What Makes A Genius

Trudeau sent Millions of Canadian Tax Dollars to the WEF For a Fraudulent Climate Report and Digital ID Program

UK Health Department ONS Release 2023 Mortality Data Proving Unvaccinated Are Not Dying

Alberta government gets sued for illegal covid restrictions, mandates and shutdowns

The revival of Socialism among the young in America, Fact is Socialism always fails

British Host calls out Climate Change scientist for propaganda

European Parliament hears testimony from Dr. Peter McCullough on the corruption of healthcare institutions by Big Pharma

The Governments Own Temperature Data Contradicts the Climate Change Narrative

breakfast and its very interesting origins from a propaganda expert

Canadian military loses over 10% of personnel to vaccine injuries

Elon Musk & Kevin O’Leary Call out Blackrock and its forcing Evil ESG agendas

Dr. Drew interviews Dr. Ryan Cole and discuss new blood clots never seen before

Are weather events getting worse? Here is the actual Data

Where are the Plastics in the ocean coming from?

The Great Depression, was it worse than our economy now?

Excess and unexplained deaths in USA & Canada have skyrocketed since the Vaccine rollout.

N95 Masks expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer. Study published by NIH.

Google’s deal with UN, WHO for new global CENSORSHIP tool has now launched

We keep hearing about the 97% of scientists agree about climate change. Lets take a look!

Patents filed by Pfizer and Moderna must be seen

Senate Committee Investigation Finds Pfizer knew about the huge number of adverse events and it should have never been approved

The True History of Slavery

Before Climate Change the EXPERTS pushed the upcoming ICE AGE!

Vaccine bombshells, UK Minister exposes Pfizer sold a different vaccine than the one used in testing, Moderna Patent shows Nano-tech in their vaccine

How many Black Men are being killed by Police in America?

Turns Out Boris Johnson Did Not Almost Die from Covid, It was all a PYSOP to push vaccines

What is the DEEP STATE?

Event 201 was the masterplan for covid 19 and just by chance took place October 2019

Does Autism exist in unvaccinated children?

Remember when everyone was against the vaccine and the FDA – then when Biden took over then they flipped

Blackrock and Vanguard, Every single person needs to know who they are and what they are doing (Updated)

New York Governor continues to pass laws for ability to lock people up at will, for whatever illness they deem dangerous

Lawyers Prepare For Nuremberg 2.0 Trials For Covid Perpetrators & Profiteers (UPDATED)

Big Pharma has no interest in Cancer cures only long term revenue generators. The harsh truth is sickening

Who is Klaus Schwab And the World Economic Forum?

Zuckerberg Interview: The Government Colluded with Facebook to censor and coverup Covid and vaccine facts

New Information Released: The vaccine was created, developed and manufactured by the NIH and the Military, not Pfizer and Moderna

Trudeau knew about vaccine deaths, used propaganda to hide the deaths – new documents show

An Inconvenient Truth: Polar Bear population is booming

India keeps getting colder? Huh?

FEDNOW Government Payment service explained and the terrifying surveillance abilities it gives the Government

The Covid Pandemic Investigated by Scooby Doo

Pfizer easily bullied countries globally to make billions. A totally corrupted system makes A Corporation more powerful than government

Did Covid Vaccines cause 36 million deaths?

United Nations: ICIC Investigation finds a totally corrupted institution controlled by the elites and Oligarchs

WOKE! What is it and what are their motives

Propaganda from the Elite Organizations and Mainstream Media is coordinated and powerful, ALL for their own gain and to our detriment

Medical Experts testify Gene alternation The Vaccine has caused

Global News Director, Anita Krishna, testifies about the relentless Covid lies and propaganda they disseminated

Bill Gates smiles as he talks about the next pandemic & Wall Street Journal reports about His Affair With A Young Russian Via Jeffrey Epstein

SmartFresh and Apeel, its on our fruits & Veggies even “organic” ones, is it safe?

Mask-wearers are breathing in 35 to 80 times normal levels of toxic CO2

OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots To Pregnant Women and babies

Climate Change Propaganda is everywhere, even in your weather report

Pfizer Documents Show They knew the vaccine didn’t work, was causing Covid and was hurting people, Criminal

Wonder Why Corporations Are Pushing The Woke agenda so hard? Here is The Answer

How Lies and Propaganda turned Normal People into Tyrannical Haters

FDA: Vaccines Don’t Have to Prevent Infection or Transmission

Greta Thunberg deletes 2018 tweet saying “world will end in 2023” after world does not end

50 years of predictions that the climate apocalypse is upon us

“The End Is Near” Scaremongers Have the Worst Track Record

World Health Organization (WHO) Insider blows the Whistle on Vaccine Lies

The resurgence of Socialism in the young

Robert F. Kennedy Defines the State of America

Hit By Lighting OR Blacks Shot By Police? Which is more likely? A Black Liberal investigates

Inside the Upcoming Economic Reset (video)

EU Parliament Members discuss The Elites agenda of Digital IDs, 15 minute cities and Central Digital Currencies

Why do they Put so many incompetent politicians and bureaucrats in power?

Senator Ron Johnson Exposes Big Pharma Cartel

What is really happening in the Ukraine? (video)

What is the Mainstream media today and who owns it?

Covid Treatments analyzed for effectiveness, what is the key for them being approved

The Vaccine Coverup of side effects went right to the top, the vaccine was a scientific insult to the world (video)

Climate Change, who is promoting it and why (video)

When the Elites tell you they are doing something, you better believe them (video)

Nigeria Goes cashless and bans the dollar for a digital currency. See the nightmare unfold (video)

Fauci tries to cover his lies. Forgets we have the video. (video)

Does Global death data for past eight years show that any pandemics happened? United Nations Data Reviewed

Doctor Explains how the CDC Grossly exaggerated Covid deaths

Dr Trozzi explains what happened behind hospital doors and how doctors were coerced, its was the stick or the carrot

Fact Check: Al Gore’s Climate change propaganda. Existing Data can not be changed, they have to lie (video)

Writer Aldous Huxley predicted today’s world in 1958

The Latest Facts about the Covid Vaccine.

Former Director of the CDC and the Covid Task Force Exposes Fauci to be a habitual liar. This is Criminal

BREAKING: Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court confirms Highly Toxic Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC Admits It Has No Data to Support Recommending COVID-19 Booster Shots for 12- to 49-Year-Olds

FBI director says covid-19 ‘most likely’ originated from lab incident

Dr. Marty Makary, Facts Now Prove The “Govt EXPERTS” Spread more Misinformation/Lies than any other source for past three years.

Pfizer Director Leaks that Pfizer is mutating the virus so they can come up with a vaccine – They call it Directed Evolution

Pfizer Executive admits Covid “started in Wuhan” says “company wants to mutate virus as its new cash cow”

Five Factors that decide on who gets adverse reactions

Covid Virus has a extra Inserted piece of Genetic code – confirming it was man made. Impossible for it to be a natural virus.

Government Data Shows Cardiac cases and Sudden Deaths Have Spiked coinciding with Vaccine Rollout.



World Premiere: Died Suddenly Movie

Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compounds

Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Vaccine Injuries

(VIDEO) Why Every Hospital Patient Had Covid Explained in 90 Seconds – $$$$

Meet The Real Anthony Fauci Movie – An Expose On a Psychopathic Opportunist

BREAKING: Top Health Official Admits in Court That Canadians Have Been Experimented on & Mandates were Not Based On Science

Pfizer admits in inquiry that they lied – They Had Zero research showing Vaccine stopped transmission. It was all a lie. Pfizer CEO & CDC Director Lied publicly.

Harvard-Oxford-Johns Hopkins Study Shows Vaccine Up To 98 Times More Dangerous than COVID

Trudeau Governments $105,300,000 contract Proposal with the World Economic Forum as partner for the Known Traveler Digital ID

Court Orders CDC To Release Shocking Vaxx Safety Data For 10 Million People; 782,913 required medical attention; 2,500,000 were prevented from normal activities

Pfizer and Moderna Forced To admit in federal filings that their mRNA injections are gene therapy – Not a Vaccine

CDC Director Admits Agency Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring

CDC Quietly Deletes False Information About Short-Lived mRNA and Spike Proteins From CDC Website

U.S. Government data confirms a 143,233% increase in Cancer cases due to COVID Vaccination

After Data Show Vaccinated at Higher Risk of Dying From COVID, Canadian Province Ends Monthly Reports

New UK Government Data Shows the COVID Vaccines Kill More People Than They Save

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns



It’s Much Worse Than Anyone Thought – Massive Increases in Adverse Events – Govt Data {video}

Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Vaccine Injuries Across the Board. SOURCE: Government Data


COVIDLAND Documentary: how the mask propaganda drove the pandemic

Israel 25% increase in Heart-Related Emergency for those under 40 since mass Injection Campaign began

CDC reports, 70% of the entire population of the USA have not had either a first, second or third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

Pfizer & FDA knew vaccine harmful for breast feeding women, could harm fetuses and vaccine had 12% efficacy rate not 95%, New Documents Prove.

Recent Destruction of food plants a global phenomenon And Big Pharma’s New Interest In Our Food Chain

FDA Ignores Its Own Experts in Authorizing Another Vaccine Booster

Are You Being Primed For New Lockdowns? New China Videos suggest yes

Newly Released Pfizer data confirms immune systems Are suppressed for at least 7 days following injection, Causing Infections and Deaths.

Fauci States That Lockdowns Were About Forcing Vaccinations Not About Safety

Remdesivir, Snake Venom And Covid. They Are All Connected. The Documentary That Connects The Dots. This is Insane And 100% Plausible.

Data Shows California and New York Preformed Terribly With Heavy lockdowns and Florida Among Best

French Court Rules DEATH by Vaccine “legally considered suicide”

Watch FAUCI telling the truth before he started lying

Total Economic Chaos As A Plan – The Great Reset Is Upon Us

CDC Exaggerated “Covid Deaths” by 1600% By Changing Reporting Guidelines. This is Criminal.

Are You Ready For The Digital Dictatorship? Trudeau Did A Deal With The WEF Already to Force Digital ID on you.

Covid Vaccine Promoter Dr. John Campbell has Been Red-pilled Reading New Pfizer Data

Vancouver Coastal Health’s top doctor said vaccine mandates cause more harm than good: Globe & Mail

The Earths Temperatures Over The Past 20,000 Years Tell An Interesting Story About Climate Change (NASA)

Two Year “Pandemic Data” Review For British Columbia & Ontario, How Bad Was It?

Vancouver Coastal Health Admits No Difference Between Vaccinated and Vaccinated for Transmission. So Why The Passports???

Federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID vaccines & media provided positive coverage

Non-covid Deaths Up 40% in people 18-64 CEO OneAmerica Life Insurance Reports

Researchers Afraid To Publish Vaccine Heart Inflammation Study & Lose Funding

Wall Street Smells A Rat In The Vaccine Data, Says Analyst Who Called Crash of Moderna

BREAKING NEWS: CDC is refusing to publish data on booster effectiveness. {spoiler alert} What this means is “The data shows they are lying”.

Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports. Who Is Profiting?

UPDATED: Leaked Document From Government on Oct. 10, 2020 Called Fake – Predicted Pandemic Response up until 2022

Japan, Brazil and India Research Proves Ivermectin An Effective ‘Antiviral’ Against Covid-19

Alberta Mistakenly Published Vaccine Data Showing Huge Spikes within 14 Days of Vaccination and Counting Vaccinated As Unvaccinated, then deleted it, but we have it.

Bonnie Henry, BC´s Most Prolific Abuser, Profiteer and Future Nuremberg Trial Defendant

Three Minutes To Expose Trudeaus Corruption and Profiteering of Covid (video)

No Increases In Hospitalizations in 2020 or 2021, Freedom Of Information Request Proves Flatten The Curve Was A lie

60% Of Hospitalization Numbers Were FALSE, Admits Chief Medical Officer, They Lied

Senate Hearings Investigate Cover-up Of Death And Damage From COVID Vaccines

Huge Majority of BC hospitalized are fully vaccinated Govt Data Shows

Panel of Doctors Discuss Vaccine Unknowns (Video has been censored everywhere)

150 Studies Find That Wearing Masks Makes No Difference At Stopping Viruses (video)

Globally Coordinated Messaging Propaganda Exposed. Once You See It You Can Not Unsee It

CDC Director Now Nervous And Spouting off Truths. Deaths and Hospitalizations Were Grossly exaggerated 400% to 2800%

Pfizer Vaxx Killed More Than 1200 People Within 90 Days, Newly Released FDA Documents Reveal

FDA/CDC Retracted Emergency Use Authorization for PCR Testing For Testing That Can Differentiate Between SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza Viruses

Watch the Vaccine Narrative Lie Change Over Months – VIDEO

Canadian Hospital Numbers Found To Be Inflated by 50%

FDA says it needs 75 years to release Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data to the public

Pfizer Trials Did Not Prove Safety, They Proved Harm. See Why The FDA & Pfizer Want Their Testing Data Hidden Until 2076

FDA documents: 150,000 Serious Pfizer Adverse Events, First 3 Months Of 2021, Pregnant Women & Children Are Hit The Worst

PCR Testing – Here’s How It Works And Why It Has Inflated Numbers

Doctor Charles Hoffe, Respected BC Doctor, Speaks Out After Government Tries To Shut Him Up.

Bill Gates Documentary The Move From Microsoft To Vaccines

The New Africa Variant Narrative Laid Out – OMICRON!!!

Researcher Blows The Whistle On Data Integrity Issues In Pfizer’s Vaccine Trial – British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Most Recent Data On Adverse Events Is Astounding & Data Shows Unvaxxed Pose Zero Risk To Others

Health Minister Bans Travel But Visits Family Eight Times

New Patent Approved To Electronically Track All Cov!d Vaxxed Globally, No Joke

Covid Powerplay & Objectives Explained by Former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing

Israeli Government Deleted Thousands of Adverse Event Testimonies On Health Ministry Website

Johnson & Johnson Scientists and Business Lead Exposed On Hidden Camera

The Vaccine Passport Narrative Is Not Based In Science, Facts or Data.

Federal Privacy Commission of Canada Confirms Passport Requirement is Illegal

Is The Pfizer Vaxx That is Available Approved? Nope, That’s a Different Vaxx, wait.. WHAT?

What Does “Vaccine Efficacy” Mean in One Minute (Video) It’s not what you think

How to tactfully deny tests, and vaccine requests from your employer

Canada’s Informed Consent Laws Explained in two minutes. (Video)

Are Vaxxines Making COVID Worse?

W.H.O. Ethics Review Committee Member Exposes Alarming Corruption And Global Manipulation (Video)

Breaking News::: First Canadian Court Case Proving Covid Virus Has Never Been Isolated

Fauci Caught Lying To Congress On Video

Vaxxine Knowledge for Beginners! (Video)

mRNA Vaccine Inventor Tweets Out Warnings about Vaccine Dangers & Censorship of Treatments and Data

The Lockdowns Weren’t Worth It. The Predictions and Policies Epically Failed.

Wall Street Journal – Intelligence Finds Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Nov 2019, Fuels Investigation on Covid-19 Origin

Newsweek Reports – Wuhan Lab Was Most Likely the Source of Outbreak and… Fauci Funded the Research

Hospital bed and ICU utilization at five-year low: Alberta Government’s own data shows



18 Things to Consider About the Covid Vaccine

Canada Deaths & Cases


Did You Know Six People/Corps Control Over 90% of The Media You See?

Can Covid Be Classified As A Pandemic?

No Extra Deaths in 2020, Stats Canada

Teresa Tam Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ and ‘Detention Centers’

What Is Classified A Covid-19 Death? UPDATED: March 2021

Lockdown Promoter & Toronto’s Medical Officer’s Husband has “financial ties” to AstraZeneca & Pfizer

Canada’s Doctors Give Direction, Advice & Data

Are Travelers a Source for Covid? Latest Data

Are Face Masks Effective? The Latest Evidence.

America’s Frontline Doctors Talk Treatments, Vaccine & Risks

Bonnie Henry Has a Problem With Lying (Video)

Johns Hopkins University: Data Manipulation Created Virus Death Inflation

Man who died after falling from a 10-foot ladder was actually killed by COVID-19

Govt Explains Hotel Internment’s

The Covid Vaccine Benefits

Canada Has a Health Crisis

Tam Talks Asymptomatic People & Masks

How To Brainwash A Population

Not A Single Case Of Seasonal Flu This Season

No Positive Tests at YVR’s Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Military Uses “Surgical Masks” for Torture & Submission

ICU Numbers Are Not Covid Cases

Florida: “The Lie Of The Lockdown.”

UK Finds Covid-19 Test Problems

Lockdowns Were “A Grave Mistake”

90% “COVID-19 Labelled Deaths” Had at Least One Other Cause

75.3% of Albertans had 3 or More Other Causes Of Death

Who Cares Really?

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