CDC Director Now Nervous And Spouting off Truths. Deaths and Hospitalizations Were Grossly exaggerated 400% to 2800%

Total deaths were a lie. Now that politicians are losing support of the people the Rats are now running and scared! CDC Director trying to back track and cover her ass. When the lie is fully exposed the politicians will scatter and blame those under them. She along with Fauci will take the beating while those in power run like rats.

The CDC director just said over 75% of “covid deaths” occurred in people with at least four comorbidities. Death rate exaggerated by 400%.

When you drop it to those with 3 comorbidities it jumps to 94%!!!!

‘3,500 kids are in hospital, not 100,000’: CDC Director Wallensky corrects liberal Justice Sotomayor’s wildly false claim that ‘over 100,000 children are seriously ill with COVID, many on ventilators’. A 2800% exaggeration!

Governor admits 42% of New York’s Hospitalized COVID Patients Admitted for Other Reasons!

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