Globally Coordinated Messaging Propaganda Exposed. Once You See It You Can Not Unsee It

Just this week Government starting admitting that deaths and hospital numbers were grossly exaggerated. Reports were broadcasted on mainstream TV from Governors, Premiers, Health Officials all over Canada and the USA…. ALL in the same week!? How is it that for two years “conspiracy theorists” have been saying that the death and hospitalizations were lies, and totally dismissed by officials as crazy BUT now in one week officials are now broadcasting thagt they were right all along. This is some coincidence!! Only a fool would believe that.

Listen to Neil Oliver and his observations over the past year or so. It will all become very clear.

It also is no accident the news media has become totally scripted and synchronized to push their own agendas which is usually profit driven.

The Global Elite have a script being used by our leaders

Only 6 media companies own 95% of the media you see. This is actually frightening the power they have.

🎉 Big 6 media conglomerates. These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America. 2019-02-11

This video is CNN bashing another network BUT CNN is no different and they also coordinate content globally. This is not a democrat and Conservative thing, this is a BIG MEDIA thing.

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