The Freedom Convoy Is The biggest Protest in Canadian History, and now has gone worldwide

This past week we saw a “small fringe minority of Canadians” rise up and join together to fight against tyranny, and the world has joined in. Trudeau has finally United Canadians…… against him.

Over $9,000,000 dollars has ben raised to help pay the truckers expenses such a s fuel, food and lodging. Enough has been raised to support the protest for the next 4 years.

Elon Musk is supporting the Truckers and has been very vocal! Rumor has it, he was the person that donated over $40,000 to the campaign under the name which goes directly to Trudeau´s wiki page.

Joe Rogan is also covering the story.

So many comedic MEMEs and videos have been made in such a short time it is impressive.

Here is a readapted movie scene about Trudeau and the truckers coming to Ottawa.

Protests inspired by the Canadian Truckers have popped up everywhere

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