Vax Passport Company “ENTRUST” is Owned by Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Grandchildren & Is Contracted By Canadian and the UK Governments

Well this should raise some eyebrows.

Billionaire German NAZI Family awarded contracts for DIGITAL VACCINE PASSPORTS – Meet the Quandts, owners of ENTRUST who during WWII, this family ran their own private concentration camp, supplying slave labor to their battery factory.

Quandts family pictured above, present day and in 1938.

“Love is meant for husbands, but my love for Hitler is stronger, I would give my life for it.”
Magda Goebbels Quandt

During World War II, the Quandt family had their own private concentration camp to supply slave labor for Quandt battery works:

Günther Quandt was a “German Industrialist” whose legacy includes BMW automobiles and Altana (chemicals), a spin-off of the VARTA manufacturing company he acquired shortly after World War I. During World War I, he and many members of his family supplied the German military with uniforms, which is where much of his start-up capital originated. He used that money to purchase Accumulatorenfabrik (AFA) AG, a battery manufacturer that became VARTA, a potash-mining company, multiple metal-working companies, and large shares in BMW and Daimler-Benz. Gunther joined the Nazi Party in 1933 shortly following Hitler’s rise to power. He was one of the leading industrialists in the Third Reich and the Second World War, and he always kept a very low profile.

“In 1943, and with direct support from the SS, the Quandts were able to establish a company-owned concentration camp directly alongside their battery works in Hanover. KZ (Concentration Camp) Hanover, a satellite of KZ Neuengamme, exploited the labour of both Jews and resistance fighters, as well as forced labour from France and Czechoslovakia. Prisoners from the KZ Neuengamme were selected for hard labour at the Quandt battery works…”

In 1937 he was awarded the title of Wehrwirtschaftsführer by Hitler himself. This made Gunther a “Leader in the Defense Economy.” As the war began, Gunther’s companies supplied ammunition, rifles, artillery, and batteries via the use of slave labor sourced from concentration camps in at least three factories. In AFA’s factory (the predecessor to VARTA), there was an execution area set up. The “free” (slave) labor for his various industrial ventures is what earned the family a large base for the wealth they enjoy today. In other words, their family success was built upon slave labor. One of the prosecutors from the Nuremberg trials was on record as stating that if they had the evidence back in the 1940s, “Quandt would have been charged with the same offenses as (German industrialists) Flick, Krupp, and the directors of IG Farben.”

A report released in September 2011, also found that Quandt appropriated assets from Jewish company owners and that his son Herbert had planned building an AFA factory in which slave laborers would be deployed.

Watch the Documentary FilmThe Silence of the Quandts: The history of a wealthy German family – learn more about the influential family that owns ENTRUST, maker of the Digital Vaccine-Passport App

The Entrust Connection

The Quandt family purchased 43% of the company Data Card Corporation in August of 1987. One month later, they purchased almost the entire remaining portion of the company to give them a 97% ownership of Data Card Corporation.

In 2013, Data Card Corp bought Entrust Inc. for $500 million in cash. Entrust CEO Bill Conner says that “this is about the next generation for finance. Your phone becomes a virtual smartcard.” And enhanced tracking device.

Clients of Data Card & Entrust are listed as including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Justice, The State of Illinois, the U.S. Coast Guard, NASA, U.S. & U.K. Postal Services, 3M, Lloyds TSB, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, RBC, several other banks & credit unions, and many more.

And now they’re going to be in charge of tracking your “vaccination status” – and, more than likely, your location, how many people you’re with, etc. for “social distancing” purposes. Anything that is authoritarian, creepy, and Covid-related, they’ve got it covered.

Now the Quandts are poised to control Vaccine Passports, the wholly integrated Digital IDs that will be used to monitor, control, millions of British citizens, if not eventually billions of people worldwide.

Minneapolis, Minnesota based Entrust is owned by German Quandt family. Entrust was acquired by Quandt family’s Datacard Group from Thoma Bravo reportedly for US $500 million. Datacard Group later changed its name to Entrust.

“The ability to verify identity and manage trusted access digitally is the key to transforming travel and citizen services around world. WorldReach is a great fit for Entrust, with deep experience in identity verification and digital onboarding solutions implemented at scale for governments and global travel providers. With the WorldReach acquisition, Entrust can help these organizations reshape government and travel service experiences around secure digital identities,” said Todd Wilkinson, CEO of Entrust.

Entrust works with Canadian Government


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